805 Columbus Ave ste 4a
New York, NY 10025

Nosanchuk, founded by David Nosanchuk is a design firm based in New York City.

The studio works on a range of scales from residential homes, interiors, furniture, lighting and rugs. Within this span, David sees identical design challenges, solutions and results; “buildings are objects and objects are buildings.” This approach also speaks to the duality of scale that occupies Nosanchuk’s projects. David believes that building, interior or object, assembled in material connections and light, should have a human scale. At the same time, these assembles, may have an aspect of infinity whereas their ultimate size and mass can be projected as limitless or finite.

Nosanchuk believes that all components of a place should be developed in concert with other designers, artists and craftsman. This approach is inspired by Nosanchuk’s long history with Cranbrook, a cradle of early American craft as well as an institution defined by a total design philosophy. He also believes that architecture is defined by the largest built spaces, secured by the smallest scale details that procure them. Space, light and details cannot exist without another.

Nosanchuk’s studio will continue to focus on producing varied scales of work as well as breaking down the barrier between objects and places.